Inspections & Appraisals

Emra Solutions can conduct inspections for finance approvals for new deals, end of contract off hire or dispute resolution. These range from basic inspections (visual, check operations and provide a report detailing any defects together with an estimated realisable value) to a more detailed inspection which could cover battery testing, compression tests or oil sample testing. We price the inspections based on the expertise level needed and the volume of equipment. We will always recommend the most cost effective option for our customers dependent on the requirement.

We are happy to quote an inspection rate on either a per asset basis or a daily rate if a site has many assets to inspect. In addition we have a storage location suitable for most types of materials handling equipment if needed and we can arrange and provide transportation if required. Storage rates are very competitive for the duration that equipment is on our site –and we typically waive a storage charge for an initial period whilst we prepare to remarket your assets.

Emra Solutions will remarket materials handling equipment on behalf of leasing companies, banks or finance houses, private owners and equipment dealers and in order to achieve the maximum selling price we typically structure the agreement to reflect minimum values to achieve and set a percentage commission payable based on the final total sell price. This ensures maximum return is achieved for the equipment owners. 

Trade in Service

Emra Solutions has provided dealers with remarketing capability on competitor equipment which has been traded in to them as part of a new deal. We typically do this in a partnership arrangement but protect the identity of the dealer who owns the equipment from the new purchaser. EMRA Solutions do not sell direct to end users but focus on repositioning equipment into trade customers so they can undertake statutory inspections and repairs prior to supplying equipment to end user customers.

Matrix evaluation, portfolio reviews and validation

Emra Solutions also provide desk top valuation services for finance houses and facilitates remarketing of repossessed equipment. In addition we work closely with a number of finance providers to ensure the equipment they are financing has a realistic and achievable value at the end of the hire term. We provide these services on request and undertake to provide a review for funders on equipment prior to them entering into long term financing agreements.

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